SnagR digitises any existing paper form or process by adding clickable ‘hotspots’.

Instantly append photos, signatures, dates, lists, links to issues, text or project data.

Forms are preserved in their familiar style and reproduced as PDFs.

The data for each form can be analysed, collated and reported on like never before!


Inspections are added to a location which can represent a room, area or piece of equipment.

When you view a particular location every Inspection that has ever taken place is visible, you can see exactly what has happened there and when.


Each Inspection can have it’s own custom workflow.

Your team subscribe to the stages that they should be involved in. When an Inspection is moved to the next stage the responsible team members are notified via a push notification and e-mail to continue the process.

Waiting for days for something to be signed off should be a thing of the past. You can now keep Inspections moving through to completion from anywhere using your mobile device or browser.


Using the Inspection Wizard it’s quick and easy to digitise all of your company standard Forms in SnagR.

Select which Inspections are required for a project and your team can create any Inspection or Permit they need even from their smart phone.



SnagR has all manner of built in reporting and analytical dashboards. But that isn’t the end of the story.

The data captured by SnagR can be made available to your other enterprise systems like your Document Management System, Intranet or anything else by integrating your systems together using our fully featured RESTful API (Application Programmable Interface).

SnagR is now your on site data collection tool that feeds your back-end systems with timely data captured from site.